“The Last Jedi” is the Last Straw for Star Wars Fans


After the sequel to “The Force Awakens” hit theatres, it gained many mixed reviews

   The highly anticipated newest installment of the “Star Wars” series, “The Last Jedi” was released on December 15, 2017, and controversy sparked shortly after it hit theaters. With the hype about Mark Hamill’s reappearance as Luke Skywalker, the evolving relationship between characters Rey and Kylo Ren, and promising action scenes, it drew lifelong and newer “Star Wars” fans to theaters to see it for themselves.

Reactions were mixed, people either loved the overwhelming action, introduction of new characters, and revival of older characters, or completely viewed it as an unoriginal adaptation of “The Empire Strikes Back.” The similarities between the two movies were uncanny, from the battles on ice (or salt) planets to the ending leaving the rebels in despair.

The movie also included unnecessary cameos from beloved characters such as Yoda, and an estranged Luke Skywalker. Skywalker, who was once the new hope, becomes the dispirited elderly man who doesn’t add to the narrative besides providing a way for the rebels to escape complete annihilation.

Although lacking in areas such as understandable plot, “The Last Jedi” is pleasing in the aspects of a racially diverse cast, a new Kylo Ren meme surfacing the internet, a tribute to Carrie Fisher, and an appearance by Mark Hamill.

Albeit the tribute to Carrie Fisher went overboard when they had her character General Leia Organa resurrect herself using the force, an ability she never was able to possess and control in the original trilogy.

Overall, the character development and plot were not there. The movie itself was hard to follow due to overwhelming new character introductions, stories going in inside the one story, and heavy amount of action used lead to a confusing and underwhelming movie.

New fans look at this movie as great, because of the action and likeable characters, but longtime fans see it as a fail compared to the original trilogy. Lacking in plot, originality, and story development, “The Last Jedi” was upsettingly disappointing.

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