Back and Better Than Ever

Some say “history repeats itself,” but so does style

In 2017, many clothing trends have been inspired by past decades. Styles from the 1980s, the 1990s, and the 2000s have come back and have taken over the world of fashion.

Fishnets were originally made popular in the 80s by fashion icon and singer, Madonna. Now fishnets are coming back, with people wearing them under short sleeve tee shirts and ripped jeans.

Velvet is also making a comeback from the 90s. Velvet pieces can be found in most stores now. Some popular velvet pieces are bodysuits, shirts, shorts, and even tracksuits.

Birkenstocks are also majorly popular, as they were in the 60s and 70s. They can be styled as sandals or with socks. Many off-brands have made replicas of Birkenstocks, to give a more affordable alternative.

Denim continues to be a staple in most wardrobes since the 60s, with many different types of styles. The more popular uses of denim are overalls, dresses, and skirts. High waisted shorts and jeans are also coming back. Jean jackets have become trendy, especially with patches to give it a unique look.

Platform shoes have been on the rise since the 70s. You can find platform sneakers at Vans and Converse. Vans have platforms in their slip on style, as well as their “Old Skool Style.”

Many styles come and go but it’s just a matter of time until old styles become new trendy ones.

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