California’s version of styling with layers

How can Californians style with layers?


   With almost 300 sunny days in California, us Californians must adapt when we are presented with the chance to layer our clothes. Unlike those living in less sunny states, who would love our constant sunshine, many people here seize the chance to fashion multiple clothing layers.

  Even on sunny California days, many opt to wear long sleeves and pants. However, the occasional somewhat cloudy day, the uncommon completely cloudy day, the rare rainy day, and or the unheard of snowy day presents us a golden opportunity to wear a shirt, a flannel, and a zippered jacket.

  Denim and leather jackets are an obvious go-to, however turtlenecks are sneakily stylish. Do be warned though, some are not suited to rock a turtleneck.

  There is not too much layering in regard to pants, shoes, or socks, but one could easily put on a beanie or hat to complete a layered outfit.

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