Meet the Artists: Heide Baltazar and Angie Sustaeta

Seniors Heide Baltazar and Angie Sustaeta became ASB publicists as another way to express their creativity


Scarlet Edwards

Baltazar (left) and Sustaeta (right) pose in front of their most recent mural.

  Seniors Heide Baltazar and Angie Sustaeta live, breath, and sleep art. Both started making art at an early age, and haven’t stopped since. Most recently, the duo decided to use their skills to become more involved on campus, sharing the position of publicist on ASB.

 As publicists, Baltazar and Sustaeta are in charge of making posters and murals for assemblies. The creation process begins with measuring out the correct length of paper for the amphitheater stage, then making a rough sketch, and finally, painting it. Though these two are the largest creative force behind these projects, they noted that the helping hands they receive from some members of ASB make the process go by much faster.

  Interestingly enough, of all of the murals these two have made, their most recent “Starry Night” mural for the Winter Sports Assembly took the least amount of time. Baltazar explained, “I believe it was because we were both really excited to paint it, and it was also smaller than the rest of our murals.” The aforementioned mural was Baltazar’s favorite, while Sustaeta’s was the one they made for the Winter Assembly, which featured characters from the retired online game, Club Penguin.

  Aside from the murals Baltazar paints for assemblies, she takes great enjoyment in recreating album covers with paint, because, “I’m combining the two things I love most: music and art.” As for Sustaeta, horses are her favorite to draw. However, she states that, “Anything or anyone I love inspires my art.”

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