Dance Rules

Be cool at Winter formal by following the rules

Dance Rules

Fete the Venue

   Winter formal is coming up on February 3rd at Fête the Venue in Costa Mesa and there are a few important things students need to remember. When one arrives to the dance, one must show his/her student ID to be admitted. The doors will close 90 minutes after the dance has begun, and no students will be admitted after this time. Also, students may not leave before 60 minutes prior to the end of the dance.

    If one plans on taking a guest, the El Modena student is responsible for how the guest behaves during the dance and how they dress while attending. If the student or their guest decides to act or dance inappropriately, administration can and will remove them from the dance and, if needed, discuss further disciplinary actions. If one is removed from the dance, no refunds will be given.

    All school rules apply at the dance. Please act responsibly and respect the property. Fête the Venue is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, and would appreciate students refraining from chewing gum.  Have a wonderful time at Winter Formal and most importantly, don’t forget to make many Vanguard memories.

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