New Laws in CA/OC for 2018

The new year comes with many new laws for residents in Orange County

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New Laws in CA/OC for 2018

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Coming into the new year, a number of new laws are coming into effect in Orange County, and California as a whole. There are hundreds of new bills passed every year, and each year comes with its own oppositions to these new bills.

Arguably the most controversial new law being passed relates to immigration, as Cali is now becoming a sanctuary state. This means that officers cannot question the legal status of anyone or detain someone for not being a citizen. This is a direct response that has been taken against President Trump’s immigration crackdown efforts.

The state is also identifying the rising gender movements in America, as the term “nonbinary” will be available on driver’s licenses coming in 2019, in an effort to make the state more trans-accessible.

Gun control was obviously addressed, as California is one of the toughest states on implementing gun control laws. This new year comes with new gun laws, including the banning of concealed carry on campus. Meaning, for anyone legally allowed to wear a concealed firearm, they will not be allowed on a campus with this weapon.

Marijuana was the most well known new law coming into effect. Recreational use of the drug is now legal and purchases are to be made in areas with permits to sell, such as Oakland and Sacramento.

The minimum wage was also addressed. Each year the minimum wage will increase 50 cents until reaching 15 dollars in 2022.

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