Persistence Paying Off

Senior Jason Holzgang gives insight on making the jump from manager to player on the varsity basketball team 

Senior Jason Holzgang has been a manager for boys basketball over the past three years, but this year, he made the varsity team. Holzgang describes it as, “Huge. I’ve always wanted to be in basketball. It’s been my favorite sport all my life.”
When asked about his passion for basketball, Holzgang reflects on a more personal matter. “My grandma passed away this past February. I remember just before she died I promised her I’d make varsity for her. I worked as hard as I could.”
Basketball has always been a constant in Holzgang’s life, in which, “It was the first sport my dad introduced me to. I’ve been into basketball since I was three or four years old. I’ve been a diehard Clippers fan ever since.”
Holzgang believes that the team has meshed really well, and set a personal goal for himself to be a good teammate on and off the court. “I really just want to do whatever I can to help the team, whether I’m playing or not, I just want to be as good of a player and teammate that I can be.”
Holzgang describes the experience of making the team as humbling, and expresses his gratefulness, and would like “To thank everyone that’s helped me along the way.”

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