Finishing Strong

Senior Captain, Andrew Carvajal, runs through CIF.


via Ai-vi Allred

Senior, Andrew Carvajal (#3), escapes from an El Dorado defense.

Frontline: This is your 4th year playing for the Vanguard Football team. How are this year’s playoffs different from previous years?
Andrew Carvajal: “This year we are seniors, and this year we will win CIF.”

FL: I assume it can be stressful to play football, so how do you keep your cool while playing?

AC: “At practice, we go over everything so that helps us to prepare for the game.”

FL: You guys have been working hard all season. How does this show on and off the field?

AC: “It shows on the field because we usually win (Vanguards record is 9-2). Off the field it shows because we have grown bigger as football team compared to previous years.”

FL: So you guys have made it past the first round, how do you think the game went?

AC: “The game went pretty well. I thought we played well all around. Offense and defense did well. Defense just needs to wrap up a little more. We’ve got to fix some things, but we’ve got this.”

FL: During the game against El Segundo, you had 24 carries, 165 rushing yards, and 2 touchdowns. Can we expect more of that this week?

AC: “Yeah. Maybe more, but we will see. Hopefully more.”

FL: Obviously football is a big part of your life, how did it impact you off the field?

AC: “I think I’m a better person because of football. The coaches make me a better person because of how they discipline us during practice.”

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