Principals Newsletter

Meet four of our new Vanguard teachers for 2017-18!

Mrs. Lauren Davis

 It is my pleasure to introduce Mrs. Lauren Davis as a member to El Modena’s teaching staff. Mrs. Davis will be using her Masters degree in Education from Harvard University to teach Spanish. Her stellar education has allowed her to previously teach English in Spain, and Spanish in Boston and Denver.

  Mrs. Davis will also be using her experience in Crossfit to assist the girls basketball team as the strength and conditioning coach. Her knowledge in Spanish, Italian, French, and Arabic, alongside her experience in teaching every grade level (except 7th grade), will certainly provide her a bright future at El Modena.

Mr. Tyler Dutchover

  Meet new Spanish for Spanish Speakers teacher Tyler Dutchover. Mr. Dutchover most recently taught Spanish at Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and a Master’s degree in Education from California Baptist University. Mr. Dutchover also earned a Master’s degree in Spanish Literature from Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca in Spain.

  He most recently used his Spanish knowledge in guiding his class to write letters to those affected by Mexico’s earthquakes. Mr. Dutchover uses his platform to address political issues in Spanish culture, while also utilizing the language. Mr. Dutchover embraces the school spirit the teachers and students bring to El Modena.  

Mrs. Jessica Anderson

  It is my pleasure to introduce Mrs. Jessica Anderson as new addition in El Modena’s science department.  Mrs. Anderson studied biology at Whittier College, where she received a Bachelor’s degree. She began her teaching career at La Serna High School in Whittier, and most recently taught at Orange Lutheran before joining us at El Modena.

  Mrs. Anderson will be teaching biology and chemistry for this year. However, she aspires to teach an ecology research method and data collection related class. She previously coached girls volleyball and chaperoned school trips, but recently reduced her workload after becoming a new mother. However, she is eager to get back into coaching and chaperoning.

Ms. Sarah Linen

  Welcome to Vanguard Nation new teacher Ms. Sarah Linen. Ms. Linen will be joining the science department in teaching Physics and Conceptual Physics this school year.  She graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor’s degree in Science of Physics.

   Ms. Linen most recently taught at San Dimas High School, and she is very happy with the transition into the El Modena community. She is taking in all the great school spirit and is excited by her ability to cover a lot of material with our new schedule. Ms. Linen’s teaching philosophy is to learn and grow as much as the students do.


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