“A Moment Captured” at the Championships

All high school bands from all around Southern California come to and fro to play and perform at the California Band State Championships. It varies from different pieces of music, along with performances from color guard, where they are highly judged starting from visual, how well their marching and steps are in sync along with the percussion unit, with an overall general effect.

  Though this was a bit of a challenging season for the band team, they kept striving forward to make it to the championships. The Orange County division went to the Orange County Invitational at Westminster High School, to compete where they gave it their best and receive a 145.00 total point average in their music performance. Along with a 28.20 point average in the overall visual performing arts. Though that was only part of the score board. They did well and were given full support from students and family members.

  Mr. Glahn mentioned this season was “good so far,” mentioning there had been some obstacles along the way, but considering those obstacles they seem to being doing pretty well. When asked how the captains were doing he answered they were doing just as well. Being able to describe the practice competition, it is very much like attending a football game and watching the halftime show without a game afterwards of course.

  The next competition will be the Semi-Finals and will take place at El Modena on November 11. Anticipating that they advance and continue they will continue to improve during this time till that day and make it to the Finals which will be a few days later on November 18.  

 One of the Color Guard captain’s, Erika Diaz, senior, mentioned, considering they didn’t have a complete show, they earned two points, score wise, in the Championships and have been improving though they had to cut practices at some point due to the fires and extreme heat in the past couple of days. Though as a whole band and as a team they have improved dramatically.  Natalia Huanosto, senior band captain, said, “the competition wasn’t too bad, and we definitely improved our performance as a group. As time goes on, we learn more moves and become much more confident with our show.”

  Day to day, not counting Sundays the band and color guard team will practice daily after school, from right after school to an hour and a half till the day of the Semi-Final competitions.


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