Swinging Out of Season

The girls golf team reflects back on their fall season with pride


Photo via Cassidy Keays

The varsity girls golf team posing after a competition

The El Modena golf team is surely the underdog of their league, but had a pretty good fall season. Many who join the girls golf team have never been on a golf course, let alone picked up a club. Last year, there were barely enough girls to fill one team.

  In the past year, the golf team has evolved into two seperate teams. One senior, five sophomores, and six freshmen compose the varsity team, making for an interesting dynamic.

  Sophomore Cassidy Keays enjoyed “meeting and getting to know all the new people who decided to join. They’re really nice and everyone gets along really well.”

  The team plans to continue their team bonding once month, even after the season ends. So far they’ve watched movies together, ate Korean barbecue, and gone shopping.

  Throughout the season, the girls had two to three matches each week and played an 18 hole tournament for league finals. They have improved from last year by winning two of their matches.

  Keays is proud of the progress her team has made saying they “actually surprised not only [themselves] but the other team because they were a few where [they] lost by only one stroke.”

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