Take Part in the Art


photo via Ai-vi Allred

One example of Vu’s art.

Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Kody Vu…All these names have one thing in common: they are famous artists, or soon to be famous.

Most people, when thinking about art, think of a worry-free environment. Not Vu. “I have to be stressed to draw. I need a deadline which forces me to actually do anything. I also procrastinate a lot, which adds to the stress.”

Vu was introduced to drawing while watching Sailor Moon with his cousin, who was also an artist. His cousin taught him how to draw the characters from the show. “Sailor Moon was my favorite art to imitate when I was younger.”

Art is more than just absent minded doodling. “To me, art is any form of expression. It really doesn’t matter; photography, sculpting, writing, speaking, to me it’s all art.”

Vu recently started to publish his art on Instagram. “I’m proud of everything I do. I view all of my work, even the ‘bad’ stuff as an accomplishment.”

While Vu remains uncommitted to a college at his time, he hopes to major in Animation. Perhaps he will be behind the next iconic children’s cartoon.