A Look Inside the City of Stars

A beautiful soundtrack for a beautiful movie 

The 2016 drama “La La Land” is the story of two lovers who are both pursuing careers in the arts. The joyful tone is set with the first two songs, “Another Day of Sun” and “Someone in the Crowd”. These songs are the perfect start to the movie because they showcase the dreams of the main characters, Mia and Sebastian.
“Mia and Sebastian’s Song” is the song Mia hears Sebastian playing in a restaurant, and it becomes the song that follows the pair throughout their whole love story. “A Lovely Night” shows the chemistry between the two, and “City of Stars” is the slow ballad that foreshadows their love.
The tracks “Planetarium” and “Summer Montage/Madeline” take you through the first stages of their relationship, where the two encourage each other to take action on their dreams.
The next rendition of “City of Stars” is a duet between Mia and Sebastian, which shows how quickly their love has developed, and that they believe their dreams are coming true.
An argument ensues because Mia accuses Sebastian of leaving his aspirations behind for money. “Engagement Party” emphasizes the tone when Mia’s performance fails and her split with Sebastian.
After Mia leaves Sebastian, she is offered a huge audition, where she sings “The Fools Who Dream”, which gives the backstory of how her aunt inspired her to act. After the successful audition, Sebastian encourages Mia to focus on her acting, which means leaving him behind again.
“Epilogue” tells the story of when Mia and Sebastian cross paths five years later. There is a sequence of the two imagining how things could’ve worked out with each other, yet they both know they made the right decisions, and share a smile before Mia leaves.
“The End” is the last song that plays, which shows how even though the movie didn’t end in the expected way, it ended in the right way, with both the main characters fully living out their dreams.

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