New Target Hits the Bullseye

The newer and smaller Target makes a big impact

As the newest addition to the list of stores on Chapman Avenue, the new, or “mini” target is extremely popular, as new customers are continually entering. With an additional Target being added in Orange, residents are reminded of what they love best about Target.
Target is a store that contains just about everything one might need. Without having to make multiple stops, Target stores makes it possible to go shopping for clothes, groceries, appliances, and electronics.
Essentially this Target, is a regular Target with most of the same aspects of a regular Target including a pharmacy, groceries, clothes, even a Starbucks, and many other departments customers love to shop in. However this store has a smaller floorplan and square footage.
The location for this store is extremely convenient to many El Modena students and families. Before, if local residents needed to shop at Target, they would have to travel towards Santa Ana or The Village.
Now with this close location, many Vanguards are taking advantage, and working at the store. One of these individuals, senior, Blake Sanchez, shares his experience so far.
Working at Target for about a month now, Sanchez says the major difference with this Target and regular stores, is the fact that this is an express store. “We still have pretty much everything other Targets have, just less of it.”
Sanchez explains that working here is a cool job, but the hardest part for him is unloading the trucks. Because of the demand for Target and the location’s convenience, Sanchez believes the store will stay in business for a long time.
However, as new as this compact Target is to most locals, the idea has been around for awhile. Orange, as well as Irvine, are both part of the large plan, in which 28 smaller Targets will open throughout the United States within the next three years.
The downsized Target goes by many names, such as a “flexible-format” store, an express Target, and a mini Target. Each of these carrying the same meaning, this Target is a quick and easy way to buy the essentials.

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