Sohel Bagai Finds His Voice Through Dance

Sophomre Sohel Bagai tells his story of overcoming bullying and his stutter through dance

Sophomore Sohel Bagai has taken a negative experience in his life and opened it up to become a positive and influential story of surpassing speech problems and bullying. Bagai recently published an influential book titled “The Stuttering Little Ballet Boy” and was written about in the
OC Register.
Bagai opens up on how he had a stutter that made him a target to bullies. “As I said in my book, I would always hide under the table in kindergarten.” Bagai recalls finding a flyer for dance while hiding under his desk and giving it to his mom, which fueled the fire for his passion for dance.
Bagai started out in hip hop in first grade, but he found a love for ballet and has been dancing ever since. Ballet became a turning point in Bagai’s life. “I’m able to express stuff in ballet that I cannot say in words.”
Ballet has helped Bagai overcome his stutter and has also taught him to block out the bullies. Bagai wrote his book to “Inspire children to overcome their speech disabilities or their bullying to help them do what they want to do.”

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