The Storm-y Truth About Trump

Rapper Eminem spits freestyle bars to start conversational fires


 Americans are still not settling with the conclusion of the election of 2016, despite the fact that it has been around ten months since the inauguration of Donald Trump. Currently, ordinary people have insisted on offering their two cents when it comes to politics, especially when a [personally] disliked celebrity is involved.

  Should celebrities have a say in politics? The real question should be “why does the fameless population of the world exclude celebrities as people themselves?” While celebrities and common people see a clear divide between the two groups, celebrities are/can still be affected by politics and the news happening around the world. However, on the flip side, should celebrities intervene with protests that force them to hold themselves accountable for their wrongful actions?

  Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, has “unleashed the fiercest and the most exhaustive attack” on the president in a four and a half minute freestyle rap. The forty-five year old rapper makes his intense hatred of the white supremacist cut deeply in specifically five hard-hitting lines.

  America’s racist grandpa is being exposed for being a nazi sympathizer and supporter of the Klansmen (re: Charlottesville attack), a human kamikaze that could cause a nuclear holocaust, a president who golfs more than leads the country, and a possibly unpatriotic person in relation to the attacks on Colin Kaepernick and Sen. John McCain.

  45’s most hurtful actions have come from oppressive tweets explicitly against black activist-athlete Colin Kaepernick. Trump’s words set examples for his followers to start racially insensitive speech and Halloween “costumes.¨ Reno, Nevada, police officer Antonio Gutierrez was in hot water for his mock dress up of Kaepernick; he wore a Kaepernick jersey, fake nose, afro wig, and a sign that read “will stand for food.¨

  It seems as if Eminem and Kaepernick both have soft spots for each other, with the rap centered around the right to peacefully protest police brutality, and Kaepernick´s tweet back to the rapper saying ¨I appreciate you.”  

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