Dancing Queen…


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The Broadway musical Mamma Mia was heavily influenced by the Swedish pop band named ABBA. Before the movie, the 2001 Broadway musical rocked New York leading to the 2008 movie starting Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried.

  With popular songs by ABBA including “Dancing Queen”, “Mamma Mia!”, “Lay All Your Love on Me”, were put into the show causing a large follow by the ABBA fanbase and many others becoming new fans.

  Mamma Mia was a huge hit becoming the highest grossing live action musical with numerous award nominations including Best Motion Picture, Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Meryl Streep) and many more.

  Taking place in Greece, the main character, Sophie, invites her best friends to be bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding. She finds her mother’s diary and sends letters to three men from her past, who could potentially be her father. When the men arrive several conflicts arises with her mother, but in the end, a happy ever after.

  ABBA was concern with going international even though they were very popular in many European countries. But their song “Mamma Mia” saved that international career for them. The song was the very last track ABBA recorded for their March 1975 album.

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