Stud of the Month: Vanessa Carroll

Eat, sleep, dance…repeat


Vanessa Carroll mid-air whilst doing a grand jeté at the Fall Sports Assembly on September 22, 2017 (Photo via Matthew Cortez).

As the Collaborative Technology Program’s junior class president, Vanguard Dance Company’s co-captain, and competitive dancer at South Coast Performing Arts, junior Vanessa Carroll finds a harmonious balance between academics and athletics amongst the chaos of life.

Carroll began dancing at the age of five, when she was enrolled in a musical theater class at South Coast Performing Arts. Her passion for performing, specifically dance, was instantaneous, and she soon enrolled in various dance classes at the studio. At the age of ten, Carroll was invited to perform with the company team who competes yearly from October to June in local dance competitions, and at a national competition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With an extensive background in competitive dance and a desire to become more involved in the El Modena community, Carroll joined the Vanguard Dance Company her sophomore year. Her love for dance and leadership collides, as she is currently co-captain of the dance team alongside fellow juniors Kate Ayala and Mia Vasquez.

As captains, this trio of girls create choreography for assemblies, organize fundraiser, designs costumes, and continuously motivates the team to ensure that their audience of Rowdy Rooters feels the energy and excitement the Vanguard Dance Company brings to the stage.

Carroll emphasizes to her teammates that you never know when it may be the last time you will dance, so dance as if it is your last time. She brings this mentality to the studio and during performances, as you can see that she has the time of her life whenever she is dancing. Think of a modern-day Jennifer Grey, or a young Meryl Streep from one of her favorite musicals “Mamma Mia.”

This dancing queen hopes to have a long and prosperous career as a professional dancer when she concludes her time with South Coast Performing Arts and the Vanguard Dance Company. Her tenacity and style alongside strenuous training in ballet, jazz, and tap will hopefully lead her to a career as a Radio City Rockette. This childhood dream is still alive, as she desires the lights and the roars of a full house as she performs the Rockette’s notorious kickline.

Look for this future Rockette at the Vanguard Dance Company’s next performance at the Holiday Assembly on December 15, 2017.

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