Ace, Ace, Baby

Second year varsity tennis player, Hanna Zorrilla, shares her background of the sport

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  Sophomore, Hanna Zorrilla, has been playing tennis since she was 12 years old.

  Before she began high school tennis, she had previously entered in tournaments outside of school, this is a trait that separates her from many other players. Many of her teammates don’t start out with prior experience coming into their first season.

  While Zorrilla has played other sports she enjoys tennis the most because “It’s really a sport you can do forever.” Although her parents don’t play tennis religiously, she states they used to play for fun but they enjoy other sports.

  She states one of her goals is to continue playing throughout college and hopes to even gain a possible scholarship from playing. This goal is not too far out of reach, considering Zorrilla has been a varsity player since freshman year and continues on her path to success.

  Inspirations for Zorrilla include, Angelique Kerber and Maria Sharapova, two exceptional tennis stars she looks up to and hopes to follow in the footsteps of.

  In order to get excited and prepared for upcoming matches, Zorrilla listens to music that pumps her up and energizes her. Zorrilla and her teammates encourage one another by talking and cheering each other on throughout matches.

  Starting out by taking lessons with a friend just for fun, Zorrilla says she gained a passion for it and decided to stick with tennis because, “It was really fun.”

  Although she prefers singles, Zorrilla says doubles are fun as well. This season she looks forward to having a lot of fun with her team because they are her favorite part of playing at El Modena.   

  Zorilla responds to the question asking how she feels about El Modena’s team, “Even though we don’t have the best team we’re still solid and win some games.”

  When asked what the hardest part about tennis is, Zorrilla responded, “The hardest part of tennis, at least for me, is consistency which can only only be gained with lots and lots of practice.”

  The best advice she can give for anyone new to the sport, is to go out and practice as much and as hard as you can.

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