Talent is Not in Short Supply

El Modena’s smallest varsity volleyball player steps in to fill big shoes.


Libero: noun. the rearmost, roaming defensive player in volleyball. Also where the shortest player on the court is located.

Standing just above five-foot, Katie Real is one of the liberos for the Varsity volleyball team. Her position is to sub in for the middle blocker and pass back row.

However, at the Yorba Linda game, Real was forced to play front row middle blocker when her team ran out of subs. “At first I was confused because this had never happened to me before. I felt really bad for my teammates because I can’t block,” said Real

Real says that she adjusted to the front row position by “backing up to get the tips.” She does not typically practice hitting or blocking because no one anticipates her going front row, but when it happens, she makes it count.

Real doesn’t normally play front row, but she is willing to make any sacrifice for the benefit of her team.