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The Pink Ribbon is the universal sign for breast cancer awareness.

El Modena is a family, a home, a place. Naturally, this family will support their community in sickness or in health. This is where Girl’s Leagues steps in with Walk for a Cure.

This will be El Modena’s ninth consecutive Walk for a Cure Event. The purpose of the event is to raise money for breast cancer research, patients, and survivors.

Walk for a Cure was started by Mrs. Rivera and Mrs. Pedroza  in 2008. They started the event because of one of the security guards at the time, Bill Gory. Mr. Gory was going to walk the Susan G Kormen 3-day walk, so they wanted to support him. Girls League raised over $2000 the first year.

The Walk for a Cure event became especially dear to the El Modena family when Mrs. Lamb was diagnosed with breast cancer. She came to the event while being treated to help the cause. Today, Mrs. Lamb is a cancer survivor.

Girls League has donated to the Avon Walk and the Susan G Kormen walk and 100% of the money raised goes directly to the charities. All extra expenses from the walk are paid by Girls League.

When speaking with the President of Girls League, senior Hannah Habibi, about this year’s walk she said that Girls League prepares by “advertising for the event by painting posters and posting on social media.”

At the event itself, Vanguards will walk around the school together to raise awareness. Afterwards they will be able to eat food or take pictures. The pictures can be posted on their social media account to promote the walk and breast cancer awareness. `They are able to buy t-shirts for $10. The ticket price is $5.

Students should remind the women in their lives to get their mammograms and look for unusual lumps. There are free options if money is an issue. Students should also be reminded that men can develop breast cancer. Be sure to raise awareness for breast cancer and donate to Girls League.


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