Canyon Fire 2

Thousands of residents evacuated as the Orange County landscape lit up in flames


Photo via Jennifer Ley

The view of the sky from Disneyland

The day started out ordinarily on October 8. Adults went to work; kids to school. As the day progressed, the Santa Ana winds picked up and unleashed a fiery beast upon Orange, North Tustin and Anaheim Hills. Now known as Canyon Fire 2, this fire changed the skies from blue to an orangey brown within hours.

Around 9:20,  the fire erupted by the 91 freeway and Gypsum Road. From there, it spread across the toll road into Orange County. It is currently unknown what exactly caused this fire to start. At least 1100 firefighters, 14 helicopters, and six winged aircrafts have been responding but the fire is still not fully contained.

Throughout the day, the Santa Ana winds blew embers, lighting building after building on fire. According to Orange County Fire Authority, over 7,500 acres have been burned and 3000-4000 residents have been impacted, including those living in Orange Park Acres.

The fire scorched Peters Canyon, destroying most nature and covering the area in a black layer of ash. The OC Zoo also evacuated all of their animals due to Canyon Fire 2.

El Modena is now a Red Cross evacuation center for those in nearby areas. Many people swarmed into the gymnasium for protection from the unhealthy amount of ash in the air. Someone even brought their horse. A total of 19 families stayed on campus last night.

If you or anyone you know needs to evacuate or protect themselves from the smoky environment, come to come to El Modena High School. 3920 E Spring Street. The Red Cross is here to help.

The Orange County Fairgrounds (88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA) and the Los Alamitos Race course (4961 Katella Ave, Cypress, CA 90630) are open to bring evacuated animals.

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