Naughty or Nice

Halloween ignites cuteness and happiness or darkness and horror

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 Halloween can be seen as a child-friendly worldly holiday, or a horror horrific satanic ritual.  Movies, cartoons, commercialism and the media have taken the idea of Halloween and given it both sides, in which one can draw their own conclusions and celebrate in their own manner.

  For kids, it’s the costumes and fairy tales and candy. It’s a child’s fantasy in which they pretend to be any character, or create who they want, for one night and act hectic and peculiar one autumn night out of the whole year.

  For others, those with a stronger mentality or those “worshippers,” come out on Halloween. They choose this one night, where anything can happen. For example “witches” use Halloween for their rituals known as Feast of Samhain, the first feast of witchcraft year. It is thought that they communicate with the dead through various forms of divination (a practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.)

  Halloween for some is a pagan holiday, a day where they have fun and go out in the streets to collect large amounts of candy for free. Carving a nice and cute pumpkin can be a creative activity for young ones and even for older ones to have a good time. In ancient villages, carving a pumpkin and adding a candle under it was a way villagers would scare away the spirits by carving a scary face, or use it to light the way as a “lantern.” You can choose to view Halloween as any way you want. To some it is a memorable time where they get out and decorate and dress cute or scary. But to the others, the answer begs to differ. The conclusion rests in your hands.   

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