Controversy in the NFL

El Modena athletes tell all on how they feel about the NFL’s recent dispute

In 2016, Colin Kapernick gained worldwide recognition when he started sitting down before games during the “Star-Spangled Banner,” prior to kickoff. Kapernick used his platform of being an NFL star to portray his personal protest against a country of racial inequality. With these actions, Kapernick has sparked a rebellion throughout the NFL.
Many NFL players have popularized kneeling, staying in their locker room, and sitting down during the national anthem in protest against oppression toward people of color. There are varying opinions of the predicament, many support the NFL players’ actions and many others find it “unpatriotic.”
This altercation has become a large deal to almost all individuals within the United States, especially student athletes who look up to the professionals such as Kapernick. El Modena’s athletes had similar opinions when it came to this topic.
Sophomore varsity water polo player Lieber Sarmiento responds to the protest with, “Honestly I don’t really have a preference on it, but if I had to side with anyone it would be the NFL players because they do have the right to protest against it. They’re doing nothing really disrespectful and nothing provocative towards the flag, they’re just kneeling.”
Junior varsity football player Leonel Javier-Zamora says, “I feel like it’s peaceful, so it’s okay. It’s nothing violent, and that’s how it gets attention from the media. I think it’s good.”

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