El Modena’s Super Athlete of the Month

Brandon Ramirez swimming to victory

Under the water he charges, above the water he treads, looking for his chance to strike his opponent, it’s Aquaman. Standing at six feet two inches weighing two hundred and twenty pounds is any man’s threat in the water, it’s senior Brandon Ramirez, El Modena’s very own Aquaman.

  Just like Aquaman, Ramirez charges against his opponent using his greatest strength which is “probably just shooting.” But all superheroes and super athletes have weaknesses and Ramirez is no exception. “My greatest weakness is probably my speed. I’m not as fast as I could be.”

  When asked why he decided to pick up the role of being one of El Modena’s very own water polo superhero’s, he stated: “I just wanted to try a sport I didn’t know much about.” Ramirez plays an essential role on the team as the set or the person that tries to score closest to the goal.

   Ramirez is an essential superhero and athlete to El Modena.

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