The Youngest Leaders of El Modena

Members of the freshmen board share thoughts on the upcoming 2017-2018 year


  While all other grade levels held ASB elections in the previous school year, the latest additions to El Modena have just finished. As freshmen elections concluded, the tight races lead the freshmen class into much suspense.

  Many qualified applicants ran for positions, such as president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. However only four were lucky enough to win, which included Matthew Anderton as president, Emilio Spadaro as Vice President, Jack Stein as Treasurer, and Angie Rios-Galindo as Secretary.

Freshmen class president Anderton, has fresh insight towards the new year, where he says “I want to get the freshmen to first place for spirit week, and I want them to feel united as a class.”

  Anderton adds that he has previous years of leadership experience, and is, “Looking forward to working with his fellow ASB members to make this a great year.” He says he loves leadership because it is “crazy fun.

  Freshmen VP, Spadaro, says winning the election made him, “Really excited to help our freshmen class, and see what I can do to try and make our school year the best one.”

  Spadaro also explains his goal for this year, is to “Make this entire year good, with several different events at lunch.” Additionally, “We can have t-shirts to sell to our freshman class and represent.”

  Freshmen treasurer Stein’s plan for the year is, “To fundraise as much money as possible and to do well in spirit week.” Stein claims when he found out he won he, “Felt very proud and ready to work.”

  Freshman secretary, Rios-Galindo, says she felt shocked when she found out she won, and strives to “Make this year fun and entertaining for everyone.”

  Along with the other grade levels, the class of 2021 is in good hands with each member of their board willing to work harder and stronger than ever.

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