Acosta Tha Monsta

John Acosta’s opinions on starting on the defensive line on Varsity.

 Imagine playing for your high school varsity football team. Now imagine playing in one of the most physically demanding positions on defence, the defensive line. Now, on top of that, picture yourself being only a sophomore. Sounds pretty stressful, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not the case for sophomore John Acosta, starter for the El Modena defensive line.

   “It’s a little scary, but you’ve just got to use your techniques against the big guys.” Says Acosta on his important role. Playing in the defensive line means as a player, you have to get through the offensive line to get to the quarterback, Acosta says that getting through the obstacles are,“It’s somewhat easy, because they think I’m afraid of them, but you just have to overtake their size.”

   As expected, big games can get the better of some players,in which Acosta says,“I get pretty nervous, yeah, the night before. The biggest struggle would be crossing face.” “Crossing face” can be defined by Acosta as, “When somebody pulls and then comes down on you.”

  Playing on varsity is a very high honor,and Acosta’s favorite part is that, “It feels good. The best part would probably be getting sacks.” You bet it feels good starting on the defensive line!

 Starting on the defensive line as a sophomore, he says, “It feels cool because other people tell me that I’ve never got the chance to play on varsity or even start on JV, but that makes me feel good, like I’m doing something right. Hopefully this season, win a ring of course, with all the seniors, and next year just get stronger and better, keep improving.”

  These are some Lofty ambitions from Acosta, as expected from all the players on the El Modena varsity football team. Catch John Acosta doing his thing and making plays out on the football field at the next El Modena varsity football game on October 19 against Brea Olinda High.

Matthew Cortez
John Acosta in front of the spot light after getting the start on the defensive line.
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