Behind the Scenes of Homecoming

The minds behind the madness explain what it took to create this year’s homecoming


photo via Tiffany Dang

Senior Mia Granados, Junior Troy Nishimoto, and Senior Tiffany Dang preparing for the fall sports assembly.

ASB Special Events Commissioners, senior Tiffany Dang, senior Mia Granados, and junior Troy Nishimoto, collaborated to plan and execute the 2017 homecoming dance.

  This year’s theme was A Night in Italy. Dang said “There were many themes to begin and we narrowed it down to the one we thought was most unique.” The date for homecoming was previously set so the three began planning.

  Many factors went into the planning process. “We had to book the DJ through Mr. Miles, get approval to buy all the dance equipment, props, extra food, couches, and the tarp,” Dang explained.

  “We had to figure out which decorations we wanted, how much tickets should cost, what the color scheme would be. We also had to plan the assembly and the schedule for the day,” Granados added.

  While special events worked on planning the details of the dance, the remainder of ASB painted homecoming advertisements, created the skit, and passed out homecoming court fliers.

  On the day of homecoming, Dang, Nishimoto, and Granados arrived in the morning to set everything up. With the rest of ASB lending a helping hand, homecoming was accomplished.

  All three special events commissioners mutually agreed that planning the homecoming dance was extremely stressful, but they did it for the students’ enjoyment. “I hope everyone had fun at the dance,” said Nishimoto.

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