Justis Pearce is Captain of Smurfkids and Kingsman All Male



Pearce alongside fellow members of Kingsman All Male after a performance at the San Clemente Fair on on August 13, 2017 (Photo via @smurfkidstustin on Instagram).

Sophomore Justis Pearce’s hard-hitting hip hop style has led him to become captain of Orange County-based dance crews Smurfkids and Kingsman All Male. Based on his advanced ability to comprehend all forms of hip hop dancing and aspirations to push himself and his fellow dancers, both hip hop crews are dominating the local dance scene.

Pearce’s passion for dance ignited when he joined a hip hop crew at McPherson Magnet School, and transitioned to El Modena’s all-male Vizion Crew. While at a performance at Orange High School with Vizion Crew, he was introduced to the dance crew Smurfkids.

Creative director of Smurfkids, Erik Sandoval, was then asked to choreograph for Vizion Crew. Pearce alongside senior Israel Rios and El Modena alumni Francisco Flores and Christian Bernard had an instant connection with Sandoval, and all proceeded to join Smurfkids.

“I had only just begun to scratch the surface of this entire community of dance. Through Sandoval taking us to showcases and performances, we get to meet other dancers and learn more about everything from history of dance to how things are run,” said Pearce.

Pearce’s combination of style and work ethic led him to become captain of Smurfkids, and then captain of Sandoval’s newest crew, Kingsman All Male.

On Saturday November 19, 2017, come support Pearce alongside Smurfkids and Kingsman while they compete at Monrovia High School.


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