Cruz on Korean Pop Culture

When will the K-Pop takeover begin? Or has it already begun?

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Cruz on Korean Pop Culture

Ilaise Tamotuu

Staff Writer


Korean Pop Culture, also known as K-Pop, garters about thirty-five million fans worldwide, a small number of the fandom belonging to El Modena High School. Luz Cruz, a member of the Korean Pop Culture club, experiences K-Pop through dance and observation. In light of a K-Pop group named BTS reaching #1 on YouTube’s trending list, Frontline is curious to know exactly how much K-Pop is being accepted in American mainstream music and if it will eventually take over the trend.

BTS is one of many K-Pop groups and now holds the record for the most views within twenty-four hours of release, beating Black Pink with 13,335,134 views of their hit “DNA” in ten hours. Frontline asked if the achievement gartered any shock from K-Pop fanatics, Cruz replied “No, it was really expected. Their fan base is very dedicated.”

Cruz does feel that K-Pop “is coming into American mainstream music.” However, the largest obstacle is the language barrier. Cruz says “It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand, it’s what it makes you feel. Music is supposed to make you feel.” And all around the world, it’s doing just that, topping charts in countries like the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia.

El Modena’s Korean Pop Culture club started in the school year 2016-2017 by Lisa Fulton but has since been handed over to Jan Samson (president) and Gabriel Samson (vice-president) with over fifty members. The K-Pop club has been involved in the International Week assembly here on campus in previous years and continues to grow and spread in popularity among students.

Korean Pop Culture is slowly making its way into American mainstream music and continues to grow and popularize on campus. With language barriers and the current mainstream hits, there are certainly obstacles for the upcoming K-Pop trend, however, indefinitely, K-Pop is on the rise, where it will stop, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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