Add a Little Spice to Your Life

Maverick Cruz, Jacob Rodriguez, and Avery Miles (left to right) smile after a successful club rush

Maverick Cruz, Jacob Rodriguez, and Avery Miles (left to right) smile after a successful club rush

A tell-all interview with the co-presidents and vice president of the Spicy French Club

The Spicy French Club was founded late last school year by Jacob Rodriguez, Maverick Cruz, and Avery Miles. Only having around three meetings last year, they have already accomplished a large following and overall popularity within the school, and are looking forward to a successful year.

When asked what their club was about, they all stated “It’s Spicy. Spicy French Club is a club where we centralize in French cuisine.” This is not your normal French club, this one is spiced up with adding an all-around ideal of French culture, focusing on what people gravitate most towards, food.

What motivated these three sophomores to start their own club? They just really love France. “We think people need to know more about the French culture and cuisine.” Their passion for France has launched the trio into pioneering a now very popular club. Club Rush was great exposure for the club, and beneficial as well, because they made $170 off of selling crepes, and they also gained many new members.

How does a meeting for this interesting club go? Last year, one of the meetings consisted of a line out the door to get a serving of crepes full of Nutella, strawberries, bananas, and vanilla ice cream. After the line died down, the movie “Ratatouille” played in the classroom while everyone ate and enjoyed their lunch with their friends.

The club is making ambitious plans for this year, but they can’t accomplish their goals without committed members. Spicy French club is willing to take any new members wishing to learn about French culture, and enjoy some really good food. You cannot miss out on this club, especially if you are a French food enthusiast.

Do you want to be a part of the French fun? You can go to the meetings in room 322. They usually meet Fridays during lunch. You can follow them on Instagram, or sign up for their Remind to get updates on meetings and events happening within the club by texting @toospicy to 810-10.

The Spicy French club is a new club that is going to be full of exciting adventures full of trying new French food and making new friends on the way. “Stay spicy, my friends.”

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