Chaos In North Korea

On August 29, 2017, North Korea tested yet another missile. Although, this time it had been shot over the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan and landed safely in the ocean. After the launch, serious actions had taken place as U.S President Donald Trump sent naval military warships to monitor North Korea for the time being. Although military force would not be his first choice, Trump, “Will not put up with North Korea’s actions.”

   Though North Korea has launched a number of missiles, we should not be overly concerned with their actions. Kim Jong Un does not want war, he understands that if he was to go to war, he would not come out victorious. Un is testing missiles more for global recognition and to let other nations know that North Korea has the weapons to make a serious blow and not go down without a fight.

  Still, South Korea and the United States stay on edge preparing their defenses for any move on  the North Korean front. Korea won’t aim their missiles to do damage, only to prove their power to the rest of the world.

Kim-Jong-Un, North Korea leader.
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