Video Games For Sad People

Video games can make you sad, too


photo via under creative commons license

The cover art for “The Last of Us” remastered.

  Video games are often perceived as a mindless time-passer, but if one looks deeper, they may find a truly emotional experience that they can connect to.

  “Final Fantasy 6” follows the tale of Terra Branford; a young girl who possesses some of the last of the world’s magic. She has great power, but throughout the game she can’t fit in with others. She is simply too different. Her internal struggle leads to a touching experience and an extremely memorable game.

  “Mother 3” is centered around Lucas, a child who has psychic abilities. He lives on the Nowhere Islands which have never known money or war. That soon changes as Lucas undergoes a tragedy very early on in the story. The town is plunged into a corrupt society with the introduction of money and TVs. Not only does Mother 3 invoke strong emotion, it deals with many riveting topics.

  “The Last of Us” is the story of middle-aged Joel and a young girl named Ellie. The world has been reclaimed by nature, and a new strain of fungus can bring back the dead. The undead have only one urge: to spread the fungi. The game follows Joel as he escorts Ellie across the now devastated United States. The most important aspect of this masterpiece is the relationship between Ellie and Joel and how it grows.

  Video games can convey a story just as good as any book or TV show; one just has to look a little deeper.

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