AP Capstone: The New Kid On the Block

Students welcome AP Capstone into the El Modena honors program this school year


Mr. Benner smiles as he starts off the school year teaching AP Seminar. (Photo via Ai-vi Allred)

This year, El Modena introduced a new course to campus: AP Capstone. “AP Capstone is a two year program that deals with AP Seminar and AP Research,” according to Mr. Benner, the AP Seminar teacher.

     AP Seminar is the first class in the program and is available to take this year. It teaches students how to research, find “valid sources,” and create presentations with “researched arguments, not opinions.”

     Mr. Benner plans to assign students three practice presentations to prepare for the AP assessment. “By the end of the year, students will be able to write a 1200 word essay that is researched, organized, and logical.”

     AP Seminar is available to juniors. AP Research, taught by Mrs. Chertock, will be available to seniors next year. If passed both years, an AP Capstone diploma is awarded. Many colleges regard AP Capstone highly, offering college credit and merit scholarships.

     And to all the Benner fans out there, he won’t retire for at least three years. “El Mo is a great place to work and I enjoy teaching here, particularly AP Seminar.”

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