Sean Warren Shares His Story

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Sean Warren opens about his incident that occurred spring break of last year

FL: If it’s okay, could you possibly elaborate on what exactly happened

SW: “So I was on a camping trip with my friends and we were off roading in a, kind of like a dune buggy and we were going on a turn and the dune buggy rolled over and my hand got crushed under the roll bar.”


Frontline: When did the incident occur?

Sean Warren: “It happened the spring break of my junior year of high school.”


FL: What motivated you to keep on playing water polo?

SW: “It’s just what I like to do and I didn’t want what happened to change my life so I just would like my life to be as normal and as fun as I can make it.”


FL: Who’s given you the most support on your journey to recovery?

SW: “Probably my mom and dad have been there with me the whole time.”


FL: What did you take from the experience?

SW: “Just knowing that you have to live your life the way you want to be and not let something that goes wrong change who you are.”


FL: How did it feel playing water polo again?

SW: “It was nice. Everything was a little harder than it used to be but once I got back into the water and started playing again it kind of brought me back to where I was before and it felt nice to be with my friends and play again.”


FL: Considering the intense training, including hours in the pool and in the weight room that water polo is known for, do you believe that El Modena’s Varsity water polo team will make it to CIF this year?

SW: “Yeah we’ve been putting in a lot of work, hours throughout the day through summer and school, also in the mornings. So I think we have a really good chance of making it.”


Despite the difficult obstacle that Sean Warren faced last year, he still continues playing Varsity water polo for El Modena. He is an inspiration to not only Vanguards but those who have yet to prosper through hard barriers.

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