Drawn to Art

Hard work, talent, and dedication is everything that makes up this incredible artist, Kathryn Philhower


Aivi Allred

Kathryn Philhower (10) smiles for the camera after class.

Kathryn Philhower is an exceptional artist who is being recognized for her talent all around school. As a freshman last year, Philhower was in charge of designing the large mural painted on the 200 building, which represented the class of 2020.

Philhower didn’t disappoint, even though this project was out of her comfort zone. She describes her favorite work to be black and white, done in pencil, and typically for herself. However, Philhower also likes to see others enjoy her work.

She explains that she would rather do art for herself and feels more comfortable when drawing just for her, however she is grateful for everyone’s support.

Philhower began drawing as a way to express herself. She explains, “Everyone has a different way to cope… I use art to cope with my feelings.”

Hyperrealistic art, a genre of painting and sculpture that resembles a high quality photograph, is one of Philhower’s favorite techniques. She enjoys one line art, which uses one continuous line for the entire image without lifting the pencil off the page, as well as realistic portraits.

Although she doesn’t often submit her work to be featured, she has been asked multiple times to showcase her talents. Considering Philhower is a sophomore this year, everyone can expect to see more from her in the future. More art to come by the young and inspiring artist.

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