El Modena named “Best OC Public School 2017”

An interview with Dr. Saxton regarding how the superb academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs of El Modena led to this award


“Parenting OC” Magazine honors academic achievements within Orange County.

   Commencing the 2017-2018 school year, El Modena was named “Parenting OC” Magazine Editor’s Choice Best Public School 2017. An award presented to El Modena from the editors of “Parenting OC” Magazine based on the Vanguard Nation’s, “Strong sense of community and service, an award winning PSA, [recognition as a] Honor Roll School, and robust athletic programs.”

  Principal Dr. Saxton first learned El Modena was the recipient of the “Parenting OC” Magazine Editor’s Choice Best Public School 2017 through a congratulatory email from the magazine editors, prior to the beginning of the new school year. A great accomplishment, and what Saxton believes is a major moral booster for El Modena, due to the stiff competition with approximately ninety public high schools in Orange County, from Fullerton to San Clemente. El Modena stood prominent against other Orange County public high schools for success and well-roundedness in academics, athletics, and extracurriculars.

  Within the high-caliber school, El Modena boasts, twenty-five Advanced Placement courses, sixteen CTE Pathways, and a Collaborative Technology Program are taught by nationally honored teachers, such as recipient of the 2017 Yale Educator Award Mrs. Shelby, which leads to a 96% graduation rate. Also contributing to the school’s recognition is its status as an Honor Roll School filled with AP Scholars, National Merit Scholars, and National Honor Society members.  

  Outside of academics, El Modena is adapting to much change through the introduction of new sports, clubs, and, most pivotal, the 4×4 schedule, as well as an impending campus renovation breaking ground in August 2018. As always, El Modena grows stronger through these innovations. Rounding out El Modena’s spirit for success and sense of community include monumental accomplishments, such as EMTV becoming national award winners, and how a small team of female wrestlers in the first year as an independent team became league champs.

  The ability of El Modena to adapt and innovate through the ever evolving education system makes it abundantly clear that “Parenting OC” Magazine made the correct choice naming El Modena the Best OC Public School 2017.  

  Frontline would like to congratulate El Modena for being awarded “Parenting OC” Magazine Editor’s Choice Best Public School 2017, and expresses gratitude to the editors and readers of Parenting OC Magazine for this recognition.

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