Xicana Feminism with Morales


Morales poses as she is ready to start her final year at El Modena.

Swinging back into the new school year, senior Elaine Morales shares her hopes for her final year as being a part of the Xicana Feminist club.

Frontline: What activities or groups are you involved with on campus?

Elaine Morales: I am the president of the Xicana Feminist club and a part of PAL as well. I enjoy attending ping pong club and am also looking forward to the “lets pARTy” club opening on campus.

FL: What is Xicana Feminism?

EM: Xicana Feminism was a movement started by Mexican American women in the 70s when they found that both the feminist and the Chicano movement rejected their needs despite their tireless efforts to fight along side the men in the Chicano movement and the women in the feminist movement which at the time was only fighting for white women’s rights.

FL: What is its purpose?

EM: Xicana Feminism’s purpose is to fight machismo, which is the part of our culture which says that men are dominant in the family and in the work place. The problem with machismo is that it makes many men think it’s okay to be verbally, emotionally, and often times even physically violent toward their wives and daughters because of the high esteem they are held in within our culture.

FL: Why might people want to join the Xicana Feminist club?

EM: The Xicana Feminist club has expanded into a club where people from all genders and all walks of life can get together in a safe environment and voice their feelings and concerns toward the issues affecting our community.

FL: What does Feminism mean to you?

EM: To me, Feminism is the fight for equality for all genders all around the world and throughout different cultures in a social, political and economic sense.

FL: Do you have any plans for the school year involving the club?

EM: I just want to create a safe space for the members of the club to be able to communicate their feelings and opinions without judgement and to spread awareness of the issues facing our community because the more that people are aware of an issue, the more likely the community is to do something about it and the more likely it is that change will occur.

FL: Who is your role model and why?

EM: One of my biggest role models is Sra. Spanner who teaches Spanish for Spanish speakers. She is certain of herself and her views and won’t let anyone persuade her otherwise without good reason. I have endless amounts of respect for her and hope to grow up to be the type of woman and teacher she is.

FL: What are your goals for this school year?

EM: This year I want to do anything and everything I can to better the community here at El Modena through the Xicana Feminist club and PAL. While our school body is already so loving and kind, I believe it needs to be encouraged for future generations of students to adopt and pass on to others.

FL: What are some of your hobbies outside of school?

EM: Outside of school I like to paint and do arts and crafts and encourage others to join me. I think it’s a lovely way to stimulate your mind and anyone can participate and enjoy it.

FL: What do you see yourself doing in the future five years from now?

EM: Five years from now I hope to be starting off my career as a highschool teacher so that I can impact students my age the way my teachers all impacted me and shaped me into the person I am today.

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