Lifeguard Summer

Cole Carey speaks about his summer job


Cole Carey, a fully fledged life guard, poses after a quaint interview.

  Frontline asked Cole Carey about his job over the summer.


Frontline: What was your summer job?

Cole Carey: I was a lifeguard and swim instructor at Heart Park Pool.


FL: What made you decide to get a summer job?

CC: I wanted to start saving up for college and I thought it would be a good experience.


FL: Did you enjoy your time working?

CC: Yeah, it was fun.


FL: Did you have enough time for yourself while working a job?

CC: Yeah, it was hard to manage time, but I did find time.


FL: What was the hardest part of being a lifeguard?

CC: The hardest part was whenever someone troublesome would come into the pool, or someone started drowning and we’d have to do something about it.


FL: In retrospect, are you glad that you did it?

CC: Yeah, it was a good experience.


FL: Did you ever save anybody? Any close calls?

CC: I didn’t. But we did have saves, and I got to watch one.


FL: Was the lifeguard training hard?

CC: The training wasn’t too bad. It was interesting to learn how to hold people correctly in the water.


FL: Was it a boring job?

CC: Sometimes it was. It was always interesting during swim lessons.

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