Crossing Country with Kevin

Kevin Tan (Junior) smiling bright for the start of Cross Country season.

With the Cross Country season around the corner, I asked Junior Kevin Tan about his experience with the sport and his expectations for this season.


Frontline: What races do you take place in?

Kevin Tan: I run the five k races. They are like three miles.


FL: How long have you been doing Cross Country here at El Modena?

KT: I have ran for the past two years now.


FL: What has been your biggest challenge in Cross Country?

KT: The biggest challenge for me is mentally preparing myself for races.


FL: Do you plan on doing Cross Country for your last two years at Elmo?

KT: Yeah I do.


FL: Have you won in any of your races so far?

KT: No not yet, but that’s the goal.


FL: Why should the incoming freshmen join Cross Country?

KT: It is a great sport. It’s a smaller squad so we become really close and bond with each other.


FL: What has been the best moment for you in Cross Country so far?

KT: Race days. Race days are the best days.


FL: Who is your favorite coach on the team?

KT: Probably coach Patrick Imfeld.


FL: How do you think the team will do this season?

KT: I think we will do better than last year and the year before. We have been running more and we are looking really good.


FL: In your opinion, what school is the hardest to face in the league?

KT: Probably Foothill.


Catch Kevin Tan doing his thing  out at Fred Kelly Stadium at this years Cross Country events.

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