Dancing Into the New School Year

Junior Mia Vasquez shares details on Vanguard Dance Company and her plans for this year.

Junior Mia Vasquez happily heads to El Mo on the first day of school.

Photo via Tia Vasquez

Junior Mia Vasquez happily heads to El Mo on the first day of school.

The new captain of Vanguard Dance Company, Mia Vasquez, is excited and ready to lead the team this year with the help of the new coach.


Frontline: This year, you are the captain of VDC. How do you plan on guiding the team to a great performance?

Mia Vasquez: I plan on making sure that everyone looks really clean, dances together as a team, and represents the vanguards really well.

FL: How long have you been dancing?

MV: Thirteen years.

FL: Do you think being captain as a junior affects how you run the team?

MV: Not really. I still feel just as responsible. It is a little different having to be in charge of people older than me but it’s still my responsibility to make sure we are a team and work well together.

FL: The old dance advisor Mrs.B retired at the end of last school year. How is the team adjusting to the new coach?

MV: The new coach has already been doing a lot for us. We love her. She’s been practicing a lot of technique with us and has been really involved and making sure that the team is great.

FL: What styles of dance is the team focusing on this year?

MV: This year we are focusing on hip hop and jazz.

FL: How do you plan on keeping the team’s motivation up throughout the school year?

MV: Reminding everyone we are all here for the same reason which is that we love to dance and with that mindset, we will all try our hardest to work together and become better.

FL: Previously, dance team has partnered with vision crew. Will El Mo see any collaborations with them again this year?

MV: Yes, for sure.

FL: With everything going on between school, dance, and social activities, how do you manage to keep your schedule in check?

MV: Knowing what’s a priority is a big part as well as recognizing what I need to do to be successful this year. School comes first, and unfortunately dance is after. After all of that comes my social life.

FL: Are there any upcoming performances in store for your fellow vanguards?

MV: Make sure to catch us at all the assemblies.

FL: What advice would you give to anyone who’s looking to join the team next year?

MV: Be yourself. Don’t worry if you’re good or bad just give us your all. Being on the dance team isn’t necessarily how good you are but how much potential you have and how much you’re willing to give to the team.

FL: Is there anything else you would like to add?

MV: All the support we can get this year would be great. We’re planning to make sure everyone enjoys our performances.

Mia and the rest of the team will be working hard this year to give El Modena some great shows. Join the many vanguards who look forward to Vanguard Dance Company’s performances and don’t be afraid to show your support and cheer them on.

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