Can You Dig It?

Freshman Miranda Fahie shares thoughts about the upcoming volleyball season.

Photo via Phillip Allred
Freshman Miranda Fahie taking a swing at the ball.

With volleyball season just around the corner, freshman Miranda Fahie is ready to take on the court with the varsity team. Fahie is very smart when it comes to this intense sport, and it will show on the court this volleyball season.


Frontline: How does it feel being a freshman on varsity volleyball? 

Miranda Fahie: It is really nice. Most people don’t like it when they ask me about what team I made it on and I say varsity. They give me really dirty looks. I don’t really care about that though.


FL: How old were you when you started playing volleyball? 

MF: I was on a 12’s team but I think I was 11.


FL: Do you play club volleyball, and if so, where have you played? Which one did you like best? 

MF:12’s: Momentous, 13’s: Impact/ Act ,14’s and 15’s: United. I liked United the best. All of the other ones didn’t coach at all.


FL: You have some incredible players on varsity this season, how do you feel the season will go?

MF:We just played our first tournament yesterday. It went great. It was super fun and we all worked together. We won one that went to three and we won another one to 25 but we lost the third game.


FL: With some new talent on the team, this season could go very well. What would you say are the team’s goals this year? 

MF:Probably just to have fun and work more as a team and not individuals.


FL: What are your personal goals this season?

MF:I would like to get better as a volleyball player.


FL: Obviously you love volleyball, but what is your favorite part about playing it? 

MF: I like how fast the ball travels and even being fast to get the ball up is awesome. I also like hitting obviously.


FL: What are your hobbies outside of volleyball?  

MF: I love animals and fostering them, I also love riding horses.


FL: Do you play any other sports? 

MF: Not anything big. I cycle, horse ride, and I was a black belt in Taekwondo.


FL: You seem to know the game and concept of volleyball very well, what is the best advice a coach has given you? 

MF: To give all you’ve got even if you pass out because when you win, you’ll be happy you did.

Come watch Miranda Fahie and the varsity volleyball team on Tuesday, August 29th, at six o’clock at El Mo.


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