Donnelly Dominates the Field

Watch for Lucas Donnelly to take the football field this year


Lucas Donnelly

Number 11 is ready for the season

Sophomore Lucas Donnelly began playing football only a year ago but he quickly picked up the sport, as he won MVP and played four positions for the freshmen team.  Watch out for him this upcoming year as Donnelly is competing for starting spots on the varsity squad.


Frontline: What are you involved in at El mo?

Lucas Donnelly: “Football, soccer, and spirit week.”

FL: What do you love most about the football program?

LD: “The determination from everyone on the team, and the hard work put in.”

FL: How do you balance football, soccer, and club soccer on top of all honors and AP classes?

LD: “You have to make time for everything, I have to stay up late for homework and just grind it out.”

FL: How far do you believe the team can make it this year?

LD: “I think we can get a ring, hopefully.”

FL: Has football taught you any valuable traits?

LD: “If you are passionate about something, you have to work for it every day and put in all your effort.”

FL: Do you look up to any players on the field and or in the classroom?

LD: “I look up to the entire senior class, it is their year.”

FL: How hard did you have to work to be on varsity this year?

LD: “I worked hard last year, I worked hard this year, I am doing everything I can.”

FL: What is your personal goal for this season?

LD: “I just want to set my spot in stone so that I am a starter.”

FL: Are you looking forward to something in particular this season?

LD: “Just looking forward to playing.”

FL: Any advice for freshmen in the football program?

LD: “Even if you’re not starting just grind it out, put in work to become a starter.”



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