Cheering From the Sidelines

Senior Sarah Ricker shares her plans for success as varsity cheer captain

Senior Sarah Ricker cheerfully awaits the beginning of the new football season.

Photo via Steve Ricker

Senior Sarah Ricker cheerfully awaits the beginning of the new football season.

  With the school year just beginning, the cheerleaders of El Modena are already prepared with Sarah Ricker as their captain.


Frontline: What is your position on the El Modena Cheer team?
Sarah Ricker: “I’m the varsity captain of cheer and a backspot in stunts. So I basically have everyone’s back no matter what.”

FL: What are you most proud of as a cheerleader?
SR: “I’m proud to be apart of an amazing group of girls. We are working hard to better the school by showing our spirit and pride.”

FL: What does it take to be a cheerleader at El Modena?
SR: “A positive upbeat attitude and the willingness to put your teammate before yourself. If someone fails or succeeds it affects the whole squad so we really stress teamwork.”

FL: What are your plans for success this year?
SR: “I plan to motivate all teams to try their hardest to reach our full potential in everything we do. We are working harder than ever and having fun with it.”

FL: What are some characteristics that are important to have as a cheerleader?
SR: “Peppy is the foundation characteristic of a cheerleader because we need to have bright smiles and loud voices to get the school excited and pumped. A pain tolerance is also key when we have to wear a high ponytail with a huge bow pinned to our heads.”

FL: How do you feel you best represent the El Modena Vanguards?
SR: I love El Modena and constantly try to make the school a better place by elevating the standards for our cheer performances and promoting school spirit.”

FL: Do you stand alone in leading the program?
SR: “No I have two co-captains, Jenny Hamburg and Chanelle Herrera for varsity, and Kayden Wager is the Captain of JV. We also have a spirit commissioner, Payton Bullock, and Amanda Tabb as our Pep Commissioner.”

FL: What are some of your biggest obstacles as a cheer captain?
SR: “There are a lot of personalities to manage and the cheer team is the biggest it’s ever been, so communication can be an issue too. We all are leaders, so it’s hard to get everyone to agree sometimes as well.”

FL: How do you show your support to all the different sports and activities of El Modena?
SR: “We spend lots of time making posters and putting together good luck bags full of snacks and encouraging words. I really want all the sports to feel our love for them and their accomplishments.”

FL: What is the biggest way the student body can support the athletes of El Modena?
SR: “Get rowdy when you come to games! We love when the crowd is as pumped up as we are and it makes the athletes feel more supported by El Mo.”


Join Sarah Ricker and the cheerleaders of El Modena to cheer on the varsity boys at the first football game against Woodbridge High School this Friday, September 1st, at seven o’clock at University High School.

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