Pom Team Prances Onto Sidelines

Pom, led by senior Camryn Stein, will make its debut at El Modena this year

Photo via Camryn Stein.
The 2017-18 Pom Team: (left to right) Megan Formanowicz (11), Camryn Stein (12), Sophia Pracilio (11), Coach Hayley Curtis, Kaylee Farnsworth (10), Alyssa Farnsworth (12), Maddie Gerkin (9), and Stela Martinez (12)

  Starting this year, the El Modena Cheer program has added a new team to their pre-existing three. Pom is completely unlike any of the other squads, being a combination of cheer and dance. Pom team captain, senior Camryn Stein, will lead the team for their debut on the sidelines this football season.


Frontline: You’ve been doing cheer for the past three years, what made you decide to make the switch for your last year?

Camryn Stein: “I decided to switch to pom because I used to dance and pom is the perfect mix of both cheer and dance, which I love.”


FL: How long have you been dancing prior to cheer?

CS: “I did competitive dance for six years at Dance Precisions.”


FL: What goals have you set for your team this year?

CS: “The goals I’ve set for my team this year are for us to make a name for ourselves and to continue to get better while raising school spirit.”


FL: Do you have any personal goals, specifically regarding to skillset?

CS: “I hope to improve my flexibility and technique.”


FL: How will pom be integrated into the sideline performances alongside cheer?

CS: “Pom will do some performances with cheer and some individually. Our coaches [Hayley Curtis and Melissa Bickler] have found a great way to combine both teams into performances to showcase our skills.”


FL: What is your favorite part about being on pom?

CS: “My favorite part is getting to perform and do what I love while promoting school spirit.”


FL: As team captain, how do you motivate your squad?

CS: “I try to motivate them by having a positive attitude and encouraging them in everything they do.”


FL: What advice do you have for those interested in trying out for pom next year?

CS: “Focus on fitness and practice, practice, practice.”


FL: Is there anything else you would like to add?

CS: “I’m so excited that El Mo has a pom team now, I think it is a great addition to the school.”


  If pom is anything like El Modena’s two year old competitive cheer squad, they will surely be successful. The combination of expert coaches and enthusiastic dancers will make the sidelines during football season the most interesting yet.

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