Hustle, Hit. Never Quit

Senior Luke Dunham shares his insight about the upcoming football season.


Photo via Alyssa Tierney

Senior TE/DT Luke Dunham (#80) with Sophomore DB/WR Andrew Tierney (#29) and Sophomore OL/DL Zack Dunham (#60)

Luke Dunham is here to answer why 1,085,272 high school students played tackle football in the 2015-2016 school year.

Frontline: You’ve played Vanguard Football for three years. What makes this upcoming season different?

Luke Dunham: I’m a senior this year, and it will be my last season playing. I’m excited, but a little bit nervous. I’d really like to do well this season.

FL: You always hear that football teammates are like brothers. How do the Vanguards show this on and off the field?

LD:  We are just hanging out a lot outside of football even though we do spend a lot of time together in practice. We do barbeques on the weekends.

FL: Football can be a pretty intense sport. How do you keep from “losing your head” and confidence while playing?

LD: You have to go play by play, game by game. You have to focus on the moment.

FL: Like I mentioned before, you’ve played for El Modena for three years. Why did you make the decision to play?

LD: I just really enjoy playing the game.

FL: Football is a huge time commitment. How do you balance school, football, and other activities?

LD: I struggle to balance football with everything else in my life. It’s a lot of time, but I get by.

FL: The El Modena team has been progressively getting better throughout the years. Why is this?

LD: People have bought into the program. Coach Mitch and Coach Mitchell have helped out a lot. We’ve gotten stronger each year through our weight room program.

FL: Every team has their leader. Who would you say is the leader of the football team? How do they lead?

LD: Lee Grover has been a big leader for us. He leads Pride Jacks. He is always around. He’s been a starter for a couple of years. He’s a leader.

FL: Football is a lot of work, but I assume it pays off in the end. What is your proudest moment when playing?

LD: Well, we will see what happens this season. I’m hoping my proudest moment is still ahead of me.

FL: It’s a new year, a new season, which means that the previous seniors have left and the new sophomores are practicing with you. How does this affect you and the team?

LD: That happens every year, so you just have to adapt. We have a lot of really cool sophomores this year. As a senior, I really like our senior class. We are looking pretty good this season.

FL: Like I said before, football is an intense sport. How does playing such an intense sport help you face obstacles?

LD: I’d say football is one of the hardest things I’ve done both physically and mentally. It makes everything else seem a little bit easier. I already play this game, which is really hard, so approaching other things seems a lot easier.

Catch Dunham and the rest of the Varsity Vanguard Football players at their first game at Woodbridge High School on Friday, August 24, 2017 at 7:00pm.