I Got By With a Little Help From My Friends

Now that graduation is so close, I see that the cliches are true (well, some of them)


Janelle Sims

People I adore.

 I was never big on school dances, Spirit Week celebrations, or assemblies. I loathed waking up early, pulling all nighters for school work, or just the simple task of having to spend 7 to 8 hours of my life every day in a classroom. High school is a strange thing. You love it without knowing you love it. You hate it when work piles up, when you didn’t sleep enough or well, and when you look at the first question of a test and say to yourself it’s over. But then there’s the special moments. The moments that could have only happened because of high school. It’s the times that the teacher says we get to watch the movie of a book we’re reading, or you have your first relationship, your first date. When you get your license. When you’re with your friends in the car singing loudly and terribly with the windows down. When you don’t have class till late in the morning so you go lay on the beach just because you can. And then there’s the things you remember. I remember the outfit that one of my soon-to-be closest friends was wearing when we first met freshman year. I remember driving to LA after school to see a concert with my best friend and then sleeping over and going to school the next day feeling like a zombie. My first dance with my first boyfriend, Homecoming with my best friend, and my senior Prom with amazing people that I’ve known forever, and people I just got to know this last year. It’s the memories that come with the experience of high school that matter, no matter what they were, or where they were. It’s the memories with the people that contributed to the person you are when you graduate. And sure, you’re likely to forget most of the great times you had while in high school, but it’s okay because one day, something might jog your memory and you’ll smile, or laugh, or cringe.

We spend our lives counting down till the next big event. When my parents said that it would go by quickly, I understand now. I was the kid that guffawed at the thought of high school being “the greatest years of my life.” I’ve had a countdown on my phone since freshman year counting the days till graduation. I have often said that my Senioritis began freshman year, then mutated to Second Semester Senior Syndrome. It now says 14 days, 16 hours till I walk in a cap and gown, and it is the strangest feeling. It’s weird remembering that when I first started it, my days were in the thousands and I was whining that it would feel like forever. And it did. Every day, every week, every month, and every year felt like an eternity. But it’s when you look back to see how far you’ve come that it hits you how fast it really went. They weren’t the greatest years of my life like everyone insisted they’d be, but they were some of the most important years of my life.

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