Harry’s Got a New Style Now: Solo Albums

Former One Direction star Harry Styles releases self-titled first debut album after band goes on break

Woman, if you meet me in the hallway between the two ghosts, I’ll make sure you’ll be my only angel, you sweet creature.

What makes you beautiful? Leaving your boyband to make new music. Former One Direction stars Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson have all released new music since the absence of Zayn Malik and the (currently) two year break. Between Malik’s health issues, Tomlinson’s and Payne’s new baby sons, and doing nothing with their lives, each boy has released an album or song. Of course, based on your bias and how much you liked each member, it’s clear that heartthrob Harry has taken most of the fans in this new direction.

Styles’s new album includes ten songs heavily based on a woman he desired, had, and left. Love ballads like Sign of The Times, Two Ghosts, Ever Since New York, and Sweet Creature highlight the warm emotions that may be felt by any lover about their new significant other. Lead single “Sign of the Times” was released a fortnight before the entire album, confirming that former Directioners would still stan Styles despite the breaking of the band.

The album is available on all platforms, and is $9.99 for the album on iTunes (each song sold separately will be $1.29).

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