Daniels and Warren Reach the Summit

In their final All Star cheer competition, the girls got their bid to Summit


Photo Courtesy of Maddie Warren

K'yla Daniels (left) and Maddie Warren (right) pose in their PCM Divine uniforms next to a friend from another team.

  On Saturday, March 26, sophomores K’yla Daniels and Maddie Warren, along with their Pacific Coast Magic (PCM) Divine competition cheer team, competed at what they believed to be their final competition at Encore in San Diego. However, in an exciting turn of events, PCM Divine placed second, missing first place by only 0.02 points.

  Due to them placing so high, PCM Divine received their bid to Summit, the final cheer competition in lower level All Star cheer competition season. Summit is hosted by Varsity, exclusively for All Star cheerleaders; it’s comparable to Nationals, the final competition for high school cheer. It takes place at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida.

  Several other girls from El Modena have attended this competition, including sophomore Brittney Doerr, who went twice (2013 and 2015), and junior Alejandra Alejandre, who, like Daniels, is going for her first time this year.

  K’yla Daniels can get very busy during her competition season; she has to balance her homework, El Modena cheer practice, and PCM practice. This busy schedule sometimes has her working hard from the moment she gets to school until 9:00 at night. This gruelling schedule is definitely not for just anyone, but Daniels, who has been cheering for ten years, successfully handles everything thrown at her.

  Despite her experience, Daniels reveals, “My biggest fear backstage is that I’m going to forget the whole routine.” Regardless, she stated, “Once the music comes on and the crowd starts cheering, I get really pumped.”

Daniels and Warren’s Summit competition takes place on May 6, 2017. There are 30 other teams in their division, Small Senior Level 2, but Daniels is confident they will do well, as long as they hit their stunts well. To all of the Vanguards in All Star cheer going to Summit, good luck, and have fun in Orlando.

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