NHS Board Positions

NHS board positions are currently available for students wanting a larger involvement in the club


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One of the various NHS (National Honor Society) logos.

   Receiving the ability to participate in NHS through community service, leadership, and a minimum 3.5 grade average showcases the top achieving students within El Modena. Students like junior Julianna Janes who wanted to not only help the community, but help her peers succeed in NHS became the Community Service Commissioner. Going into her senior year and third year in NHS, she urges students to run for board positions due to the gratitude that stems from being in a board position.


Frontline: Why should students in NHS run for a board position?

Julianna Janes: Students should take advantage of every opportunity they have to be more involved in their school and community.


Frontline: What board positions are available?

JJ: Available positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Publicity.


Frontline: What is your position on the NHS board?

JJ: My position is Community Service Commissioner.


Frontline: What skills are mandatory to succeed in a NHS board position?

JJ: To succeed on board you should have good time management, communication skills, organization, dedication, and motivation.


Frontline: What have you learned from being on the NHS board?

JJ: I’ve learned how important it is and how good it feels to give back to my community and work with others to help them succeed.

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